4 Tips for Finding a New Dentist

Tips for finding a new dentist
10 Nov 2021

Perhaps you haven’t been to the dentist in a while because you weren’t happy with your last dental visit. Or, you’ve moved recently and are looking for a place in Guelph to become a new dental patient.

No matter the reason, you must not put off finding a new dentist. Avoiding the dentist can harm your long-term health and wellness.

So, if you’re looking to become a new Guelph dental patient, we’ve got some great tips to help you find a new dentist. Here are our top 4 tips to help you find a new dentist:

  1. Ask friends and family members for recommendations.
  2. Search online.
  3. Get as much information as possible about the dental clinic.
  4. Visit the dental clinic in person.

At Guelph Family Dentistry, we are always happy to welcome new dental patients!

1. Ask around for recommendations

If you’re looking for a new healthcare professional, such as a dentist, then a great way to get suggestions is to ask around for recommendations. You can ask friends, family members, and co-workers about who they go to for dental care.

When you do so, be sure to ask for important details that may impact where you want to become a new Gueph dental patient, such as the clinic location and hours.

2. Use google or other online sources to find a dentist

If you don’t have anyone to ask to recommend a dentist, or just like to do your own research, then try looking online for your next dentist.

To get started, go to Google and search for “Guelph new dental patient” or “dentist near me.” You can then use the search results to learn everything about your potential new dentists, from the hours they are open to the kind of services they offer.

Another online option for your search is your provincial or territorial regulatory authority or dental association. These associations offer a lot of great information on their websites, such as what to expect during a dental exam and details about health issues like oral cancer and dry mouth.

3. Get the details on the dentist you’re considering

Once you’ve got recommendations for dentists accepting new dental patients in Guelph, it’s important to find out details about the clinic to see if they’ll be a good match for you.

Either contact the dental office directly or check out their website to learn information such as:

  • What hours the dental office is open.
  • Whether they provide emergency or after-hours care or not.
  • If the clinic offers care for children as well as adults.
  • What kind of payment options the clinic offers.
  • If sedation is available during dental treatment.

Learning all of this information can help you make a choice about which Guelph-based dentist you’d like to be a new dental patient with!

4. Visit prospective dentists

The final step in helping you decide who would be your best dentist is to make an in-person visit. An in-person visit can help you:

  • Learn if the dental clinic offers a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Decide if you feel comfortable with the staff.
  • Learn what your dentist’s credentials are.
  • See if the clinic looks clean and professional.

Why should I choose Guelph Family Dentistry?

At Guelph Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on offering individualized care. No matter what kind of dental care you need, we can help you, and we welcome new patients. We offer several different types of dental services, including:

  • Routine care like fillings, cleaning, and root canals.
  • Treatment for dental issues caused by sleep apnea. One of the side effects of sleep apnea is dry mouth, which can lead to oral health issues such as gingivitis and gum disease.
  • Digital x-rays. Digital x-rays are quick, emit less radiation than film x-rays, and can be used to help identify and treat a variety of oral conditions such as cavities, gum disease, infections, abscesses, and impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Oral cancer screenings. Oral cancer occurs when you have abnormal cell growth in your gums, lips, tongue, or throat. At Guelph Family Dentistry, we can quickly and painlessly check for potential issues using a VELscope. This small, wireless device uses a series of lights to detect abnormal cell growth.
  • Veneers, which are a great way to fix minor imperfections in your smile. Veneers offer many benefits including fixing chipped or cracked teeth and giving your teeth a bright, consistent colour.
  • Dental implants to replace missing implants or secure a dental bridge. Dental implants go far beyond just improving how your smile looks. They can help you maintain a healthy bite and provide stimulation to your jawbone, thus preventing bone deterioration.
  • Dental crowns and dental bridges. Dental crowns are used to cover or cap teeth that are worn, decayed, cracked, or broken. Dental bridges involve anchoring a false tooth to two healthy teeth to replace a missing tooth.
  • Whitening. If you’re looking to brighten up your smile after years of drinking things like coffee and red wine, then professional teeth whitening is an effective and long-lasting solution.
  • Oral sedation. For some people, going to the dentist can be incredibly stressful and anxiety-inducing. For those patients, we offer oral sedation to ensure they can get the dental care they deserve.

No matter what kind of dental care you need, we’d love to have you as a new dental patient at Guelph Family Dentistry.

Now You Know How to Find the Perfect Dentist for You

Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations when looking for a new dentist! Once you have a list of options, contact each clinic to learn more about it, and arrange a visit to get a feel for the place.

At Guelph Family Dentistry, we offer all our patients a welcoming and professional environment and provide various dental services. To learn more about becoming a new dental patient, give us a call at 1-888-250-8819 or contact us online.

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Dr. Omar Al-Azzawi
Dr. Omar Al-Azzawi

Dr. Omar got his BDS degree in 2002 from the University of Baghdad. He has also completed a master degree in Prosthetic Dentistry from the University of Malaya, Malaysia in 2009. Dr. Omar got his DDS in 2013 in Canada after passing the National Dental Examination Board of Canada (NDEB) exams. Read More

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