7 Benefits of Cavity Fillings at Guelph Family Dentistry

The advantages of filling cavities at Guelph Family Dentistry
10 Jan 2022

It’s no secret that proper dental care is essential to your health. Have you ever felt the pain of coldness on a sensitive tooth? That’s just the beginning. Cavities result from your tooth degrading, something that progressively worsens and leads to infection.

Thankfully, cavity filling at our Guelph dental office focuses on preventative dentistry. If you fill a cavity as soon as it appears, the procedure is simpler, quicker, and less expensive. On top of improving your overall health, there are 7 major benefits of filling cavities promptly.

1. It’s local: you can get cavity fillings here in Guelph

Since it isn’t a specialized service, you can get a cavity filled at your family dentist. This lets you avoid tedious paperwork or potential insurance issues. It is a straightforward procedure and seldom requires oral sedation, relying on local anesthesia instead. Fillings take less than an hour, including the time required for freezing (even for complex fillings). It’s easy to get cavity fillings in Guelph conveniently and affordably.

2. Fillings reduce sensitivity: you won’t feel as sore

A cavity is exactly how it sounds: a hole in your tooth. That means a part of your bone is exposed to the elements in your mouth. With a cavity, there is nothing to protect sensitive nerves from pain. From the throbbing pulse of dental pain while you exercise to the piercing shock of ice cubes, cavity pain is no mystery.

The good news is that all it takes is a filling to patch that hole, putting a barrier between the nerves and any stimuli. The smaller the cavity, the easier and more cost-effective the filling, so it’s better to act right away.

3. Can fix a fracture: fillings can heal broken teeth

Fillings aren’t exclusive to cavities. If you compromise the structure of a tooth, dentists can use fillings to restore its integrity. The filling works like a cast, adhering to the fractured lines to stop it from getting worse. Teeth grow weaker with time, making it easier to fracture them. Regular exams keep you informed of any need for a filling.

4. Holds you over: stop pain and infection until the next procedure

Fillings are not always a permanent solution, especially if the cavity is part of a bigger issue. If you need to get a root canal or other complex procedure, you may require multiple appointments. Instead of leaving that part of your tooth exposed to cold air and germs, a filling covers the area.

The temporary filling should last until the next appointment, where you get a new filling before each subsequent appointment. This can be tedious, painful, and costly, so it’s better to catch a cavity early. Still, if you need to wait between appointments, it’s much more pleasant to do so with a filling in place.

5. Fillings for every situation: they match veneers or whitened teeth

There is a type of filling for every need, from reducing sensitivity to matching tooth shade. Among the options are silver and gold, long-lasting and non-corrosive materials. You can opt for porcelain or ceramic, smooth, modern, and with a similar texture to the surface of a tooth. Another choice is an amalgam composite, which is a ductile material that works well to protect teeth.

Each option comes at a different price point, with some better suited to certain situations. For instance, you don’t want a silver or amalgam filling on a front tooth. Modern dentistry takes both health and aesthetics into account. The sooner you talk to your dentist about tooth decay, the more affordable the procedure.

6. Modern fillings have an impressive lifespan: letting you smile for longer

Fillings are surprisingly durable, especially if you opt for high-grade material. Is it a bit more expensive upfront? Sure. Does it make more financial sense in the long run? Usually.

As filling material develops, there is less risk of corrosion and more ways to fix the filling in position. Now, instead of replacing a filling every few years, with proper care, you can hold onto it for years longer.

7. Improves tooth performance: stronger bite and better function

After you get a filling, the dentist smooths the surface of the filling. Ideally, it’s flush with the tooth (like patching drywall with putty). An even finish on a filling that’s the same shade as your tooth gives your smile an aesthetic edge. Even better is a filling that can repair issues with your bite, protecting your gums and jaw from extra pressure. When your molars grind evenly, it’s easier to process food and keep your teeth clean.

How to Tell if You Need a Filling

Even if you get regular dental exams and cleanings twice a year, you can still get a cavity. Losing enamel is natural, but drinking and eating acidic foods can wear it down faster (stress doesn’t help either). A quick filling can halt the issue and protect your teeth from sensitivity. In other situations, proper care (like regular brushing and flossing) can help repair the issue.

If you need dental intervention, your body gives you signs. Pain, sensitivity, irritation, or gum swelling can all indicate that you need a filling. If you feel any of these, or if you notice that your tooth has an uneven surface or signs of decay, then contact your dentist

Cavity Filling Importance

Handling your cavities promptly is essential to maintaining your health and happiness. It’s a dental necessity for oral health. When you tackle the cavity as soon as it appears, you can avoid pain, keep your smile sparkling, and improve your overall dental well-being. Combined with regular dental cleanings and examinations, fillings help maintain a healthy smile for longer.

To find out more about cavity filling at Guelph Family Dentistry, give us a call at (888) 588-1691 or send us a message here. We can’t wait to help you get the perfect smile!

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Dr. Omar Al-Azzawi

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