Five Things a Dental Cleaning Can Do for You

Five Things a Dental Cleaning Can Do for You
23 Oct 2019

The number of people who avoid dental cleanings is far higher than we like to admit. Patients have many reasons they choose to avoid their cleanings, from dental phobias to busy schedules and from budget concerns to not feeling cleanings are necessary. However, even if you have the healthiest possible oral hygiene regime, the importance of dental cleaning can’t be denied. Everyone needs regular dental cleanings and checkups. Here are five benefits of dental cleaning.

1. Preventing cavities

You know this. It is the number one reason everyone needs dental cleanings. When you allow the film to build upon your teeth, it leads to decay. This sticky substance called plaque can remain on your teeth and turn into tartar, an even harder substance that can do more damage. With regular cleanings, you can remove the acidic substance so it can’t erode your tooth enamel. Even if you are an adamant brusher and flosser, this is not enough to remove plaque.

2. Preventing tooth loss

That buildup of plaque doesn’t just damage your teeth; it also damages your gums. Gum disease is a significant cause of tooth loss. When plaque buildup remains on your teeth, it can destroy the supporting bone in your jaw. This can cause your teeth to become loose and even fall out. As long as you are getting regular dental cleanings and practicing good oral hygiene habits at home, you greatly reduce the risk of tooth loss.

3. A brighter smile

Who doesn’t want a brighter, whiter smile? Everyday eating, drinking, and habits like smoking stain your teeth. Although you can avoid things like coffee, wine, and tea, or even quit smoking, your teeth will still begin to darken in colour over time. The variations of tooth colour can be drastic and very unattractive, depending on your habits and the condition of your tooth enamel. However, a dental cleaning can remove stains and help keep your smile whiter. Although you are probably thinking that you can just buy a teeth-whitening kit to remove stains, over-the-counter whitening kits don’t work for everyone. They can also cause aggravation when used too often, including gum burns and tooth sensitivity.

4. Fresher breath

The cleaner your mouth, the fresher your breath. Your oral hygiene regime helps keep stinky germs and bacteria from hanging around in your mouth. However, combine that with regular dental cleanings, and you’re even more likely to avoid embarrassing bad breath.

5. Improved overall health

Studies have shown that there is a possible connection between regular dental cleanings and improved overall health. Good oral health could be linked to reduced risk for diseases, including heart disease and stroke. In fact, your overall health could be at risk if you miss your dental checkups. They help detect serious medical conditions, including some types of cancer and even diabetes. This is because a thorough exam of your neck, mouth, and tongue is performed at your cleanings. Such an exam is not included in your routine physical exams. As well, periodontal disease is an early sign of diabetes. We can help detect it sooner so you can seek help from your family doctor.

Overcoming the Reasons for Missed Cleanings

As you can see, the importance of cleaning your teeth regularly is hard to dispute. However, we know many of our patients have very personal reasons for avoiding the dentist, including:

  • Budget: If you are avoiding the dentist due to budget issues, you could be faced with far more costly, unavoidable treatments in the future. Because your cleanings help fight decay, they play a crucial role in dental health. Without cleanings, you increase your risk for more costly treatments such as cavities, root canals, tooth replacement, and more. Dental benefits usually cover your cleanings. If you don’t have dental benefits, you can speak to our team about an affordable payment plan. Your bi-annual cleanings are quite affordable and can be paid in the fashion that best suits your financial situation.
  • Fear: Patients suffering from dental phobia can speak to our team. We can find ways to help keep you more comfortable during your treatments. The importance of cleaning your teeth professionally should never be overlooked, as it can lead to far more serious treatments. We can keep your teeth healthy, so you don’t have to worry about complicated dental treatments down the road.
  • Busy schedule: If you find your schedule is too busy for a dental cleaning, remember that it takes less than an hour to complete your appointment. As well, we are open until 8 p.m. a few days a week, and also offer Saturday appointments to help accommodate busy schedules.
  • At Guelph Family Dentistry, we strive to help our patients overcome dental fears and excuses for avoiding their dental cleanings because we know the importance of maintaining dental health for life! Our team will always make it as easy as possible for you to schedule your regular dental cleanings. Click here to set up your appointment today.
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Dr. Omar Al-Azzawi
Dr. Omar Al-Azzawi

Dr. Omar got his BDS degree in 2002 from the University of Baghdad. He has also completed a master degree in Prosthetic Dentistry from the University of Malaya, Malaysia in 2009. Dr. Omar got his DDS in 2013 in Canada after passing the National Dental Examination Board of Canada (NDEB) exams. Read More

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