How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Life

How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Life
17 May 2021

Missing teeth can be embarrassing. They ruin the appearance of your smile but can also lead to serious dental issues. Even a single missing tooth can cause your teeth to shift towards the gap. When this happens it leads to all kinds of risks from increased tooth decay, to overlaps and teeth crowding. Your entire smile is in jeopardy.

In fact, with more missing teeth, there is a greater risk of damage to your jawbone. That’s why we always recommend our patients find the right tooth replacement solution for their missing teeth. The best possible option for many people is dental implants. Here we look at how dental implants can improve your life.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the number one choice for tooth replacement. They are a permanent tooth replacement solution providing the look, feel and function of not only your natural teeth, but also your tooth roots.

This is because dental implants surgically implant a titanium post into your jawbone. These posts meld to your jawbone and provide an artificial root to support your artificial teeth. The result is a tooth replacement that mimics your natural tooth function.

Your tooth roots play an important role in bone health. They stimulate the jawbone and stop bone loss. Although the treatment does require surgery, dental implants are by far the most realistic and healthiest choice for replacing missing teeth.

Restore Confidence and Self-Esteem

As already mentioned, tooth loss can be embarrassing. Especially when you are missing front teeth, smiling can be a source of stress. Dental implants can bring back your confidence and self-esteem. You can feel free to laugh and smile in social situations which makes meeting with friends and family more enjoyable.

It might even help in your career as you feel more empowered to speak up, get extra involved, smile more and present a more positive attitude. Feelings of isolation you might have experienced due to keeping to yourself out of embarrassment are reduced and you can avoid depression and anxiety.

Improved Oral Health

Tooth replacement solutions of any kind help you maintain your oral health. Shifting caused by gaps is very risky as it can lead to a long list of issues including:

  • Bone loss of the jaw
  • Gum disease
  • Additional tooth loss
  • Bite issues
  • Chewing issues

Improved Diet

Because you can suffer oral health issues, you can also see overall health issues. One of the greatest risks is malnutrition because you are unable to chew healthy foods. In fact, even if you have dentures, diet can be a problem. Many people have old or poorly fitting dentures which can lead to chewing problems. Your dental implants allow you to enjoy any food you like because they feel just like real teeth.

Improved Mental Health

Missing teeth can also affect your mental health leading to depression and anxiety due to isolation and self-esteem challenges. Your dental implants help you feel more like yourself so you can start enjoying social life once more.

Clearer Speech

If you wear dentures you might experience difficulty pronouncing certain letters and words. This is because when dentures are loose, you try to compensate by reducing how you move your mouth which in turn makes it difficult to speak. Because dental implants are like natural teeth you never need to worry about speech issues.

Low Maintenance Teeth

Dentures can prove to be a lot of work. They can easily be broken and require special care to remove bacteria that can lead to oral health issues - not to mention bad breath. Your dental implants are just like your real teeth, requiring the same daily care and dental checkups. You just keep up with your normal hygiene routine. In fact, your implants are even easier to care for because you can’t get cavities.

Permanent Solution

Because your dental implants are a permanent solution, you can invest in the procedure up front, and not have to worry about replacements. Dental restorations such as bridges, crowns and partial dentures all require replacement eventually.

Easier Solutions Available

You can now choose from a few different options when you get dental implants. You don’t require an individual post for each missing tooth if you have a string of missing teeth. Instead a few posts are implanted, and a full denture or partial denture can be affixed to the posts.

Maintain Your Remaining Teeth

Other teeth replacement solutions can interfere with the health and integrity of your remaining teeth. For example, a bridge is affixed to the teeth on either side of the gap which can lead to dental issues. If you have most of your own teeth, implants are the best way to provide a consistent look without interfering with your other teeth.

Can anyone get dental implants?

Almost anyone can be a good candidate for dental implants as long as you have good oral health. Even in the case where you might have gum disease or tooth decay, we can come up with a treatment plan to improve your oral health so you can undergo your dental implant surgery. However, if you take certain medications, such as steroids or drugs that suppress the immune system or tend to clench or grind your teeth, dental implants won’t be right for you. You can discuss your requirements with our team and we can determine the best tooth replacement solution for you.

If you would like more information about dental implants in Guelph, call Guelph Family Dentistry at (519) 265-5115 or contact us here.

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Dr. Omar Al-Azzawi
Dr. Omar Al-Azzawi

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