Life With Invisalign: 10 Foods You Should Avoid Eating

Life with invisalign: 10 foods you should avoid eating
11 Aug 2021

Nothing is more exciting, or more nerve wracking, than getting your new Invisalign aligners. You’re finally taking the first step to a beautiful new smile and healthy bite! However, you might be feeling a little uncertain about a few things when it comes to life with Invisalign. One of the biggest conundrums is the whole eating thing!

The good news is that unlike traditional wire braces, your Invisalign aligners are removable. However, there are some foods that you need to avoid. Here, we provide 10 foods you should avoid eating, and some suitable alternatives.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign provides teeth straightening treatment just like braces. However, the treatment uses a series of customized invisible aligners to ease teeth into position. The trays are customized to create a pattern of different fits for each tray, which you change at home every two weeks. With each new tray, the teeth are eased into a new position.

They are also removable so you can take them out for improved oral care, as well as when you eat and drink. As a result, they are far more convenient, not to mention more attractive than traditional wire braces. Still, they do come with their own set of challenges when it comes to eating. The good news is that they are far less restrictive than wire braces.

10 Foods to Avoid With Invisalign

As a rule, when it comes to your aligners, you should basically just avoid the foods we recommend that everyone should. However, there are a few more to add to the list including:

  1. Hard foods: The good news with Invisalign is you can enjoy plenty of snacks you love including chips. However, where you might miss out is if you love your candy. These sweet temptations are hard to resist, but they won’t do you any favours when you’re working on perfecting your smile. These sweet snacks are too hard, and will actually push your teeth out of alignment.
  2. Crusty breads: It’s not just hard candies that can push your teeth out of alignment; it’s any food that tends to be hard to chew including crusty breads and bagels.
  3. Seeds and nuts: These foods can lead to unexpected hard pieces that can crack or chip your teeth.
  4. Sugary foods: Sugar is the arch enemy of oral health because it feeds the bacteria living in your mouth. This leads to tooth decay and bad breath.
  5. Sticky chewy foods: Anything that is sticky and chewy will cling to your teeth long after you finish eating it. As a result, the debris is stuck behind your aligner when you pop it back in your mouth, thus allowing the bacteria to feed longer. This increases risk for tooth decay, plaque buildup, and tartar, which also stays on your trays. Yuck! That’s why you need to be very diligent at caring for your trays, as well as your teeth, during treatment.
  6. Dark liquids: While it might seem easier to sip drinks with your aligners on, we don’t recommend it! While water is okay, coffee, tea, and wine will stain your aligners. Also, hot drinks are even worse, as they’ll distort your aligners, so they won’t fit properly and therefore not do their job.
  7. Acidic drinks: If you think healthier choices other than water are safe, think again. Acidic drinks like juice are infamous for tooth enamel erosion, which leads to tooth decay.
  8. Hard raw vegetables: Raw vegetables are an excellent healthy snack choice, but hard ones like carrots can push your teeth out of alignment.
  9. Tougher meats: Meat that can be hard to chew has the same possible effect of ruining the progress of your newly aligned teeth.
  10. Pizza: The pizza crust is the main culprit here, as it can put too much force on your teeth.

Safer Food Choices

You can’t go wrong with soft fruits and vegetables cut into nice little bite-sized pieces. Things like bananas, green grapes, zucchini, peaches, and nectarines are preferable over harder choices like apples and carrots. Yogurt is another good snack choice. Instead of tougher meats, choose softer foods like fish or chicken. If you crave the melty cheesy goodness of pizza, then opt for a nice grilled cheese sandwich to get your cheese fix. Use mozzarella and dip it in pizza sauce for a similar taste experience.

Keep Up Good Oral Hygiene Habits

On top of your regular brushing and flossing to keep up good oral hygiene habits, you’ll also have to add cleaning the trays to your list. Make sure to remove your trays when you eat and drink, and keep them safely in the case so you don’t lose them. If you stick to a strong oral hygiene regime and avoid the foods that can interfere with your treatment, you’ll see better results and enjoy the beauty of your new smile.

If you would like more information about Invisalign that Guelph patients love, speak to our team at Guelph Family Dentistry today. Call us at 888-250-8819 or contact us here.

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Dr. Omar Al-Azzawi

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