The Do’s and Don’ts of Porcelain Veneer Aftercare

The Do’s and Don’ts of Porcelain Veneer Aftercare
05 Jul 2021

Porcelain veneers are one of the most natural cosmetic dental treatments available at your local dental clinic. These thin shells are bonded to the front of your teeth, covering up a long list of smile woes including cracks, gaps, stains, and other flaws. 

Your porcelain veneers are strong and durable, providing the ideal solution for a perfect smile. They improve your confidence by completely transforming your look for the youthful, sparkling grin you’ve always wanted. However, despite their durability, you should be sure you are following proper aftercare instructions to get the most out of your smile makeover. 

Here, we review the do’s and don’ts of porcelain veneer aftercare to help them last.

Porcelain Veneer Aftercare Do’s

Once your new porcelain veneers are applied, follow these important do’s:

  • Do continue to follow a healthy dental hygiene regime, making sure to brush and floss twice a day.
  • Do choose a soft toothbrush and gentle toothpaste so you don’t scratch the surface of your veneers. This can dull the natural looking finish that can, in turn, dull your brand new smile. You can also consider buying an electric toothbrush with a pressure alarm to make sure you are using a light touch.
  • Do still use a fluoride toothpaste, as you need it for your natural teeth. However, now that you have veneers, it can also help reduce any sensitivity you might experience following your appointment.
  • Do be sure to visit us twice a year, not just because we love to see you, but also so we can check for damage to your veneers on top of your traditional checkup for general issues and a cleaning.
  • Do continue to get professional cleanings. Although veneers are super stain resistant, we want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, so your entire smile remains pristine.
  • Do wear a mouthguard if you are athletic, as you want to protect your porcelain veneers, not to mention the rest of your teeth. We can provide a customized sports guard to protect your brand new smile when you are out there practicing your moves.
  • Do try to enjoy a healthy diet to help reduce the acid produced in your mouth after eating or drinking. A good rule of thumb is to rinse your mouth with water if you eat something less healthy such as foods or drinks high in sugar, carbohydrates, and/or acid.
  • Do smile more often to show off your new smile. You’ll want to make the most of your new veneers and gain confidence to become more social and pursue your dream job.

Porcelain Veneer Aftercare Don’ts

Now that you know what you should do, here’s a list of veneer don’ts:

  • Don’t damage your veneers by grinding and clenching your teeth. If you find you wake up with jaw pain or your sleep partner mentions you are grinding your teeth at night, speak to our team right away. We can fit you with a customized night guard after treatment to protect your teeth and veneers from damage due to clenching and grinding. Also, if we do provide a night guard, be sure to bring it to your dental checkups so we can see if it needs replacement or adjustment. We actually try to foresee the issues of grinding and clenching prior to suggesting veneers, as they are not the best choice if you are a grinder. We’ll offer an alternative to help improve your smile.
  • Don’t use your teeth as a tool. Whether you bite your nails, chew on a pen end, or tend to open a bag of chips with your teeth, all of these habits can cause some serious damage to your beautiful new veneers. Only use your teeth to eat and you’ll see your veneers last longer.
  • Don’t eat foods that might stain your veneers. Just like foods and beverages can stain your teeth, you might find the same for your veneers. Although porcelain can be more stain resistant, things such as coffee, tea, red wine, dark berries, curries, beets, and more can cause discolouration that ruins your new pearly whites.
  • Don’t smoke. If the fact that smoking is bad for your health isn’t enough to make you quit smoking, maybe the fact that smoking can stain your veneers might. You invested in your new smile, so you want to protect your investment.
  • Don’t brush too aggressively or move your toothbrush side to side. Instead, place your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle and use short brushes up and down, moving from tooth to tooth instead of dragging your toothbrush across your teeth. We can offer brushing technique tips if you like, so you can improve your daily brushing routine.
  • Don’t use tooth-whitening products on your veneers. They won’t work on the porcelain. If you have adjacent natural teeth that are yellowing, speak to us about possible periodic whitening treatments to help maintain an even tone between your natural teeth and veneers. As well, we might recommend whitening prior to your veneer appointment to achieve a whiter smile and ensure your veneers match this tone. We can then maintain the tone through periodic whitening maintenance appointments. 

What can veneers treat?

If you haven’t yet had your porcelain veneer cosmetic treatment, you can speak to our team about fixing a long list of cosmetic issues. Keep in mind that to receive veneer treatments, you need to have healthy teeth and gums. This is a must to achieve proper bonding, not to mention long-term oral health. 

We can assess your current dental health and address any tooth decay and gum disease before we proceed with the veneers. You also need a healthy tooth enamel, as enamel is needed for secure bonding of the veneers. You can then correct many smile challenges, including:

  • Cracks
  • Chips
  • Inconsistent colour
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps
  • Misshapen teeth

If you are ready to transform your smile with a dental clinic in Guelph, speak to our team at Guelph Family Dentistry about porcelain veneers. If this isn’t the solution for you, don’t worry. There are many more cosmetic treatments available at our clinic that patients trust. We can provide a consultation to find the right solution for your needs.

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Dr. Omar Al-Azzawi
Dr. Omar Al-Azzawi

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