Why Invisalign is Perfect for You

Why Invisalign is Perfect for You
07 Nov 2019

If you have been considering braces but aren’t too excited about the prospect of having a mouthful of metal, don’t worry. You can choose Invisalign treatment to get that perfect smile you have always wanted.

This innovative form of braces has been straightening teeth for well over a decade with great success. Using clear, removable aligners to ease teeth into the perfect position, this is a barely visible solution that is more comfortable, affordable and achieves excellent results.

Here’s why Invisalign is the perfect choice for you.

Better Than Traditional Braces

Regular braces can be a source of embarrassment due to their appearance, and even if you choose other types of invisible braces, they still use brackets. Because of this, you can experience some pretty unpleasant effects, including:

  • Pain
  • Discomfort
  • Mouth sores
  • Injuries to cheeks and gums
  • Tooth decay
  • Plaque buildup
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Tooth or bracket breakage
  • Difficulty eating

You’ll also have to give up a bunch of foods that are probably your favourites from candy to popcorn and chips to pizza.

Barely Noticeable

Your social life won’t be in jeopardy when wearing these barely noticeable aligners. Made of a safe, clear acrylic, they sit on the tops of your teeth without being glaringly obvious like metal braces. Plus, they are removable.

This means you can even choose rare, highly special occasions — and we mean rare because you won’t see the best results if you decide every social moment is a special occasion — such as a prom or a hot first date to remove them.

You don’t need to wear them when eating either, which makes eating with friends less embarrassing. No more worrying about spinach caught in the brackets!


As we’ve already mentioned, the clear aligners are removable. This means you are allowed to take them out to eat, drink, brush and floss. You won’t be faced with the dietary restrictions we mentioned either, and yes, on special occasions, you can leave them behind. Just make sure you pop them back in your mouth as soon as you get home!

No Annoying Dental Appointments

As much as we love to see our patients, we know certain treatments can be a bit demanding. With Invisalign, you won’t require annoying adjustments at your dental or orthodontic office. You are provided with a supply of customized aligners that you switch at home every two weeks or so.

Easy First Appointment

Getting your Invisalign treatment started is easy. You visit our office, where we will take digital x-rays, moulded impressions and photographs of your teeth. This provides us with a visual to plan out your aligner customization so they will adjust your teeth.

We can predict how your teeth will change using the patented Invisalign software. Your aligners are customized based on your images, and we can even show you how your teeth will look when your treatment is complete.

Short Treatment Time

Although it is not easy to predict exactly how long you will have to wear your aligners, in general, we see most patients get results in about a year, but often less depending on your teeth. This is an attractive option for most people, knowing they can see their perfect smile quicker than going the traditional braces route.

There is also an Acceledent device available that can cut your treatment time in half. This option uses soft pulse technology to ease your teeth safely into place at an accelerated speed.

More Comfortable

We’ve already hinted at the issues you’ll experience with traditional braces. One of the worst things about the wire brackets is along with the adjustments needed; you will experience more discomfort and pain than you would be using aligners. This is because you will have a lower degree of pressure on your teeth, making aligners more comfortable.

Although you can experience discomfort when you change aligners, we always recommend you pop them in at bedtime, so your mouth adjusts to the new position while you sleep.

Fewer Restrictions

Patients find Invisalign has far fewer restrictions than traditional braces including:

  • No bi-monthly visits to the dentist.
  • You can eat any foods since you take them out to eat.
  • You can travel, be at important meetings, and attend all of your classes without worrying about scheduling appointments.
  • The wires and brackets do not restrict you, so you don’t interfere with proper oral hygiene.

Better Oral Hygiene

Those with braces can face oral health issues. With Invisalign aligners, you won’t see any change to your oral hygiene regime since they are removable. You can continue to brush and floss, reaching every nook and cranny to reduce the risk of decay. Braces can also cause damage to your teeth, something you don’t have to worry about with Invisalign. The result is healthier teeth and gums.

Lose Weight

Many people find they lose unwanted pounds when undergoing Invisalign treatment. This is because you have to remove the aligners to eat. The temptation to snack is reduced because you don’t want to have to keep taking them out.

For example, if a friend is eating a bag of chips and offers you some, do you really want to have to pull out the aligner? Of course not. It’s like an instant diet without stress.

Limited Mouth and Gum Irritation

Because Invisalign doesn’t require any hardware such as bands added to metal rods and wires, you are limiting how much damage can occur to your teeth and mouth. This means less chance of mouth and gum irritation.

Great for Students

Students lead very social lives, which means you want to connect with friends and meet new people without feeling self-conscious about your smile. Getting braces isn’t something you want to do entering high school or post-secondary school.

Instead, you can choose Invisalign as a barely noticeable option that also works with your hectic schedule. You switch up the aligners every two weeks at home, which means you won’t need to miss out on classes or social time. They are also removable, so they are less embarrassing than traditional braces when you’re out enjoying a meal with friends.

For more information about Invisalign and its benefits, call Guelph Family Dentistry at (888) 588-1691 or contact us here.

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Dr. Omar Al-Azzawi

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