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Partial & Permanent Removal Dentures

Guelph Family Dentistry offers high-quality dentures for patients with missing teeth. Dental dentures are an excellent long-term solution if a disease or poor hygiene have left you with few or no teeth. Missing teeth will not only impact your appearance but also hinder your ability to eat and speak. Customized dentures are removable teeth that offer convenience and flexibility -- without the need for dental surgery.

Partial Dentures

Commonly known as ‘partials,’ these dentures replace a small number of missing teeth. They are attached to a plastic gum-coloured base, usually connected by a metal plate. The denture is held in place with small metal clasps that ‘hook’ onto nearby natural teeth. Partial dentures not only improve the aesthetics of your smile but will also keep remaining teeth from shifting.

Partial & Permanent Removable Dentures

Permanent Removable Dentures

Often referred to as ‘false teeth’ or ‘full dentures’, permanent dentures are required when all teeth are missing. Unlike partial dentures that are secured with clasps, permanent dentures are held in place using suction.

Guelph Family Dentistry provides expertly-fitted dentures that not only look natural, but also feel great. These appliances are custom made in a dental laboratory, and all subsequent adjustments are made at our clinic.

Benefits of Dentures

Aside from aesthetic benefits, there are many other advantages of getting dentures:

Improved biting and chewing ability: Dentures can restore functionality, improving your overall quality of life. Partial and permanent dentures will allow you to chew a variety of foods, including nuts and tough meat.

Increased confidence: Your smile is always the first thing people will notice about you. Dental dentures can boost your confidence by filling in the gaps left by missing teeth.

Natural tooth appearance: Dentures always look natural because they are customized to fit your mouth and jaw.

Supports your facial muscles: Partial and permanent dentures can restore the appearance of your face by providing crucial muscle support. Replacement teeth support the cheeks and lips, so your face does not sag and make you look older.

Cost-Effective: Dental dentures are one of the cheapest ways to replace missing teeth, especially if you do not want to invest in dental implants at the moment.

Caring for Your Dentures

Just like natural teeth, dentures must be cleaned every day. If you don’t take care of your dentures, plaque will build up and cause stains, bad breath, and gum problems. Additionally, this plaque can spread and ultimately cause cavities and gum disease.

To clean your dentures, simply remove them from your mouth and rinse them under water, while brushing them softly with a toothbrush and denture cleaner. It is important to be gentle while washing your dentures. While your dentures are out of your mouth and being cleaned, you should also clean your gums before placing the dentures back in your mouth.

Dentures in Guelph Family Dentistry

At Guelph Family Dentistry, we’re committed to helping you feel confident in your smile. Enhance your appearance and improve your quality of life with replacement teeth that look natural, yet feel great! Our team offers expert assessments prior to the creation of your customized dentures. Afterwards, we’ll meet with your regularly for adjustments to ensure your new teeth feel just right.

For more information on dentures, call Guelph Family Dentistry at 1-888-250-8819 or contact us here.

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