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What are Dentures?

Dentures in are custom-made, removable, replacements for missing teeth. Missing teeth can hinder your ability to eat and speak. Additionally, they can negatively impact your appearance and health. Dentures are a great solution for long term teeth replacement; there are two different types of dentures:

  1. Partial Dentures: removable appliance that replaces a small number of missing teeth. This is used to help keep your remaining teeth from shifting.

  2. Full Dentures: these replace all teeth (upper and lower).

How Dentures Work?

Impressions are taken of your mouth and then customly made in a dental laboratory. Full dentures consist of a fresh coloured acrylic base that fits over your upper and lower gums. The base of the upper denture will cover the roof of your mouth, while the bottom one is open in the middle to accommodate your tongue.

Benefits of Dentures

Replacing missing teeth with dentures comes with many benefits:

Improved biting and chewing of food ability

Increased confidence by filling in gaps and missing teeth

Restores your face appearance by giving support to your facial muscles

Allows you to speak & chew more comfortably

Customized for your mouth and jaw

Natural tooth appearance

Beautiful smile!

Caring for Your Dentures

Just like natural teeth, dentures must be cleaned every day. If you don’t take care of your dentures, plaque will build up and cause stains, bad breath, and gum problems. Additionally, this plaque can spread and ultimately cause cavities and gum disease.

To clean your dentures, simply remove them from your mouth and rinse them under water, while brushing them softly with a toothbrush and denture cleaner. It is important to be gentle while washing your dentures. While your dentures are out of your mouth and being cleaned, you should also clean your gums before placing the dentures back in your mouth.

Dentures in

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