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What are Braces?

Orthodontic braces are a dental appliance designed to align a patient’s teeth. Each tooth is fitted with a mounted metal bracket and connected to the next tooth with a wire. As this wire is tightened or loosened, it can manipulate the movement of a patient’s teeth by slowly pulling them in the desired direction. Braces can also be outfitted with rubber bands to add tension and encourage movement. By applying small amounts of pressure over long periods of time, braces effectively move a patient’s teeth into their desired position.

Based on your dental X-rays, your Dentist will create a long-term plan including a step-by-step process to gradually reposition your teeth until you have an optimal bite.

Dental Braces Procedure

Why Are Braces Important?

Braces are a necessity for many children, youths, and adults. By aligning your teeth, braces help improve both function and aesthetic. Braces can be used to manipulate your jaw, helping to correct overbites or underbites. They also straighten your teeth and help fill in gaps between teeth, resulting in a beautiful smile. Although this movement is gradual and can take months -- or even years -- to reach optimal results, the improved bite offers a lifetime of comfort. By having a healthy bite pattern and jaw, patients who have had braces are able to bite and chew with unmatched comfort.

Misaligned teeth in children can have an impact on their ability to form words and sounds, making it difficult for some to learn proper speech. These children often have to make up for their dental issues with speech therapy. Optimal tooth alignment makes speaking much easier, which is important for children who are developing communication skills.

Beyond the practicality of braces and their use in optimizing bite patterns, tooth alignment, and communication skills, they also help improve a patient’s self-confidence. By aligning your teeth to form a beautiful, vibrant smile, you will no longer be embarrassed to show off your teeth. This can have a significant impact on self-esteem, confidence, and mental health.

What Can Braces Treat?

Unfortunately, many common dental issues are the result of genetics, and individuals have very little control over the development of their teeth in early childhood. For common dental problems, braces are one of the most effective solutions:

  • Crooked Teeth

    Braces are designed to align a patient’s teeth and set them in an optimal position — both for practical eating needs and for the aesthetic of a healthy, straight smile. If left untreated, crooked teeth can make it difficult to perform basic dental hygiene tasks, resulting in increased bacteria in your mouth. Especially in older adults, these issues eventually lead to gingivitis, cavities, gum disease, and root canals. For teeth that have grown in crooked or on an angle, braces are able to gradually move them into the desired position. This can require the tooth to be shifted as little as a few millimetres or rotated a few degrees, but it can also require more extensive realignment depending on the severity of the issue.

  • Misaligned Bite

    When your lower jaw comes out in front of your upper teeth, this is known as an underbite. Conversely, when your upper teeth are in front of your bottom teeth but there is a great deal of space between them when your jaw is shut, this is known as an overbite. In children, overbites and underbites can lead to a variety of other issues including problems with speech, difficulties biting and chewing, and self-esteem issues related to the aesthetic of their smile. If these dental problems are allowed progress into adulthood without being addressed by a dental professional, they can lead to decreased self-confidence and other mental health issues, and even damaged or broken teeth as a result of an improper bite pattern.

  • Gaps Between Teeth

    Gaps between teeth are very common, and they are less severe than some of the other dental issues that braces can fix. However, gaps between teeth can still cause difficulty chewing and speaking. They can also have an impact on the self-esteem and mental health of an individual, especially for children and young adults who are not confident or comfortable with their smile. By optimizing your smile to fill in the gaps between your teeth, you can feel better about your smile while also being able to eat and speak with confidence.

  • Crowded Teeth

    Alternatively, crowded teeth can be a much more serious problem. Unfortunately, gaps between some teeth often mean that other teeth are crowded in too small a space, making braces a necessary investment. Crowded teeth also make it difficult to brush, floss, and maintain proper dental hygiene. Beyond cavities and gum disease, which can have a serious impact on your physical health, crowded teeth also have an impact on mental health. Braces help align your teeth and structure your bite in a healthy way, which simultaneously increases your self-confidence and physical health.

Why Us?

Guelph Family Dentistry is a family-oriented general dental practice, and we do all of our dental work in-house. This makes it easy and convenient for children and adults alike to get their braces adjusted. We offer same day emergency appointments for situations that require immediate attention and have extended hours to cater to those incidents you just can’t foresee.

For more information about our dental services or to inquire about braces for yourself or your child, speak with one of our dental professionals at (888) 588-1691 or contact us here.

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