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What are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are designed to repair the damage done to the surface of your teeth. They address cavities and damage by filling the cavity with gold, silver, porcelain, ceramic, or composite material that restores the structural integrity of your tooth. The longer you wait to address tooth decay - whether it be from trauma, long-term decay, or other injuries - the more damage it can cause.

Not only will fillings eliminate pain, but they can also correct your bite grid now that you're pain-free. With proper maintenance and oral hygiene, dental fillings can be a permanent solution to tooth decay, cavities, and other tooth damage.

Dental Cavity Filling

What Can Fillings Treat?

Fillings are the primary treatment for cavities and other damage caused by tooth decay. First, the damaged portion of the tooth must be removed. The filling is then inserted into the cavity to repair the tooth and restore its structural integrity. Not only will this treat the cavity itself, but it can also help re-establish your natural bite pattern. As oral pain occurs, patients often over-compensate by shifting the bulk of their chewing to the side of their mouth that is pain-free, which can cause even more issues. By restoring your natural bite pattern, your mouth and jaw will feel immense relief.

Beyond cavities and your bite grid, fillings can also help address dental problems caused by trauma and other injuries, and they can be used to repair cracked or broken teeth.

Benefits of Fillings

Improved Functionality and Integrity

The most crucial benefit of dental fillings is that your teeth will have improved functionality and structural integrity. After receiving a filling, you will no longer experience pain or tenderness when chewing food or drinking hot and cold beverages. The structural integrity of your tooth will be restored, so you'll never have to worry about breaking a damaged tooth while eating.

Natural Aesthetic

Damaged teeth can be restored to their natural look and feel; your smile will be as bright and gorgeous as before the damage occurred!

Quick, Pain-Free Cavity Remedy

Cavities can be a debilitating problem, especially if untreated. Fortunately, dental fillings are quick and pain-free. Most dentists will apply a numbing agent to the affected area, so you won't feel any discomfort as they extract the decayed portion and insert the filling. Many patients feel no pain at all, and can return to eating and drinking within a few hours of the procedure.

Emergency Dental Solution

Dental fillings are not just for cavities, but they can address a wide variety of dental issues. Fillings are especially prevalent in emergency dental situations, as they can repair broken and cracked teeth quickly and easily.

For dental emergencies, fillings are used to repair damage caused by trauma and ensuring the integrity of your tooth. While they cannot be used for all dental emergencies, fillings are a viable option for those looking for an efficient fix for painful damage.

Long Life-Span

With proper care and maintenance, fillings can often last a lifetime, depending on the material. Modern fillings are designed to withstand corrosion, ensuring long-term integrity and prevention from future cavities.

Prevent Infection

For root canals or other dental work that takes place over the course of multiple appointments, a temporary filling can be used to give the tooth and gums time to heal without the risk of infection. With a filling to help protect the affected area, your mouth will be allowed to heal without risking further complications

Signs You May Need a Filling

The earliest warning sign of cavities or damaged teeth is tooth sensitivity. This is typically caused by the loss of enamel, which exposes your inner teeth, gums, roots, or nerve endings - resulting in pain and discomfort. If tooth sensitivity is not addressed early-on, your pain can increase to the point where it becomes difficult to eat or drink comfortably. If you're experiencing tooth sensitivity, book an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

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