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Guelph Family Dentistry is a trusted provider of root canal therapy. In the past, the only way to deal with a damaged tooth was extraction. But new advances in dentistry have allowed us to save teeth using endodontic treatment.

Also known as endodontics, a root canal involves removing the damaged pulp. The dental pulp is essentially the tooth’s nerve and blood supply. It can become damaged from severe decay, trauma to the face or repeated dental treatment on a particular tooth. After removing the pulp, the area is cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed with a special compound.

Following root canal therapy, your dentist at Guelph Family Dentistry will discuss whether additional treatments are necessary. But sometimes, further restoration work may be required. We usually recommend covering the area with a crown to protect it from future breakage.

Root Canal Treatment

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal Treatment

We recommend root canal therapy when there is a deep-rooted infection in the tooth. A professional dental exam is the only way to know for sure whether you require a root canal. But, some warning signs could indicate endodontics is necessary:

  • Severe and persistent pain that won’t go away

  • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold foods

  • Sudden discolouration of teeth, which could indicate the infection is spreading

  • Swollen and tender gums

  • An abscess (or pimple-like bump) on the gums at the root of the tooth

How is a Root Canal Treatment Done?

  1. The dentist will give you a local anesthetic (freezing)

  2. The dentist will place a rubber dam around the tooth that is being treated - to protect your tooth from bacteria in your saliva

  3. The dentist will make an opening in your tooth to reach the damaged pulp

  4. By cleaning and enlarging the root canal system, the dentist will then remove the pulp

  5. Now that the canal has been cleaned, the dentist will fill and seal the canal

  6. The opening of the tooth is then sealed with a temporary or permanent filling

Root Canal in Guelph

Guelph Family Dentistry performs root canal surgery in a safe and relaxing environment. Although endodontic treatment may seem overwhelming, it is one of the most effective ways to treat pain and infection. Because we believe access to high-quality dental care is a right (not a privilege.) If you think you may require root canal therapy, visit us for an assessment of your oral healthcare needs.

For more information on teeth cleaning, call Guelph Family Dentistry at 1-888-250-8819 or contact us here.

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