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Teeth Whitening

What is Tooth Whitening?

Having a gorgeous, sparkly smile can do wonders for your self-confidence. Unfortunately, teeth naturally darken over time, and our choice of foods and beverages can stain teeth as well. Brushing, flossing, and mouthwash can help maintain a white smile, are rarely enough to brighten and eliminate stains completely. For a bright white smile, teeth whitening services may be your best option. While there are some fluoride-based mouthwashes and rinses that can help improve the brightness of your smile, professional teeth whitening is much more effective, and it has a longer life-span. Although it is often more expensive compared to at-home whitening kits, professional whitening services last longer and are designed to decrease sensitivity, so you will leave our office with a smile on your face.

Professional Dental Teeth Whitening

What Can Tooth Whitening Treat?

Teeth whitening treatments are designed to combat yellow, brown stains and other discolouration on the surface of your teeth. This is very common and happens to everyone over time, but there are a few specific causes that can accelerate the discolouration process, resulting in darker stains that are harder to remove. These include smoking; chewing tobacco; drinking dark liquids such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, and red wine; and not practicing good oral hygiene. In-office teeth whitening procedures often require 1-2 appointments of 30-60 minutes each, depending on the severity of the stains, your preferred whiteness level, and the type of stains present on or within your teeth.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Services:

Whiter, Healthier Smile

Although at-home tooth whitening kits can be very effective, they often do not make complete contact with all of your teeth. The whitening strips and liquids can be difficult to control, resulting in an uneven spread across your teeth. This can have uneven results, as it eliminates stains in some spots but not others. For an even, consistent whiteness across your entire smile, a professional dentist is your best bet. It is important to remember that caps, veneers, and fillings do not react the same way as natural teeth, so consulting with a dental professional is ideal before whitening, as they can advise you on the best practices for optimal results.

Increased Self-Confidence

A bright, sparkly smile is sure to boost your self-confidence and make you feel comfortable showing off your smile at any time. Whether you are preparing for a job interview, a first date, or an anniversary, a white, healthy smile is sure to make a great impression. Not only will you feel better about the aesthetic of your smile, but once you have seen how gorgeous your teeth look after whitening, you will surely practice consistent brushing and flossing to maintain your healthy, vibrant smile.

Decreased Long-Term Tooth Sensitivity

Although many at-home teeth whitening kits are perfectly safe when used correctly, there are some adverse effects when not used as per the instructions. Some teeth whitening agents can cause increased sensitivity when used excessively. At-home kits are designed for completely healthy teeth, so if you have a cavity or other dental injury, you can actually aggravate it. Professional whitening services are conducted under the supervision of a professional dentist, offering exceptional results every time. In-office methods also include thicker peroxide gels than at-home kits, which can offer greater protection against stains, and desensitize your teeth.

Combat Long-Term Stains and Discolouration

Professional teeth whitening is not a one-time procedure, as your teeth will continue to experience stains and discolouration over time. However, modern in-office whitening procedures are designed for long-lasting effects, ensuring your bright new smile will last longer than if you opted for at-home whitening kits. At-home kits often use a limited amount of peroxide and other chemicals to ensure your safety when using them. However, the minimized recipe is simply not as effective as professional dental treatments. Not only will in-office whitening reduce how often you need to whiten your teeth, but it will help combat long-term stains and ensure your progress is tracked by a dental professional. For the best short-term and long-term results, professional whitening services are the ideal option.

Protect Your Gums and Cheeks

Unfortunately, many bleaching and whitening products are designed specifically for healthy teeth, gums, and cheeks. The peroxide and other chemical agents used in at-home kits can irritate sensitive areas, including your lips, cheeks, and gums, and it can be quite painful if you have any other oral issues. Alternatively, professional whitening services are much more controlled, so less of these chemicals come into contact with your gums and cheeks that if you were using whitening trays or strips. As a result, your mouth will leave the dentist's office feeling clean and refreshed, rather than sensitive and irritated.

Why Choose Us?

At Guelph Family Dentistry, we are a family-oriented practice, and we do all of our dental work in-house. For whitening services, we offer professional care with up-to-date technology. We also monitor your progress and keep track of your results, so we can tailor your treatments and cleanings to what works best for your unique situation. We offer direct billing through insurance, so payment isn't a hassle.

For more information about our teeth whitening services or to book an appointment, call one of our dental professionals at 519-265-5115 or contact us here.

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